2021 Tournament Schedule


wdt_ID - -
1 MARCH MADNESS March 27th, Saturday, 10am
2 SPRING RETURN April 10th, Saturday, 10am
3 PAR 3 TOURNAMENT April 24th, Saturday, 10am
4 TOURNAMENT YOU LOVE TO HATE May 8th, Saturday, 10am
5 ALMOST MEMORIAL DAY May 29th, Saturday, 10am
6 U.S. OPEN TOURNAMENT June 20th, Saturday, 10am
7 6R, 6W, 6B July 3rd, Saturday, 10am
8 FUNDRAISER TOURNAMENT July 11th, Sunday, 9am
9 SOMETHING SPECIAL August 7th, Saturday 10am
10 ANNUAL CLUB TOURNAMENT - ROUND 2 August 22nd, Sunday, 9am

Additionally, please be sure to put the following events on your calendars:


  • Annual Spring Golf Club Meeting

May 8th, Saturday 6pm

  • Annual Fundraiser

July 10th, Saturday 6pm

  • Annual Fall Golf Club Meeting

September 11th, Saturday 6pm