In the Beginning

September 23, 2013, marked the start of the BBV Golf Club. Friends of the BBV golf community gathered at the Club House for a “1st Annual General Meeting” of the proposed new Club. Briefed on the need for the Club, its structure, purpose and By-Laws, the assembly unanimously approved the By Laws, nominated and elected Executive Committee officers. The Club’s inaugural officers were:

  • President – Bob Simpson
  • Vice-President – Jim Macmillan
  • Secretary – Anne Brown
  • Treasurer – Ron Bogen

The driving force behind the Club’s creation. As far back as anyone could remember, the BBV Golf Committee was involved in everything that was “golf” in the Village: Advising the Board of Directors (BOD) on golf-related matters; communicating and coordinating with course and Village administration staffs; working with the contract golf pro; running golf tournaments; organizing golf-community social events; planning and conducting Annual Golf Fund Raiser activities; supporting the Junior Golf program; and much more.

The Golf Committee was doing an exceptional job. Unfortunately, not everything it was doing back then was in keeping with BBV By-Laws. Village By-Laws state, in general, that Standing Committees are formed by, report to, and advise the BOD on operational and budget matters for specific subject areas. In short, the Golf Committee serves as an expert advisor to the BOD on the golf course and golfing at BBV. Its scope does not include performing functions normally associated with a Club.

A money factor led to the creation of the BBV Golf Club. Through Fund Raiser activities, the Golf Committee had amassed a substantial bank account balance. Although the Golf Committee spent money to “extend” the golf course budget, fund unbudgeted course improvements and support a Junior Golf program, the BOD and the Golf Committee mutually agreed that a Club could have a bank account and a spending program, but the Golf Committee could not. The need to clearly separate Golf Club functions from Golf Committee duties and responsibilities was evident.

Golf Club Becomes Official

  • September 23, 2013 – By-Laws for the proposed BBV Golf Club (drafted by Golf Committee members) were presented to and approved by the BBV golf community (Historical Note: Truth be told, initial drafts of the Club’s By-Laws were drawn up over daily 5 o’clock Mai Tais on Maui…a fact that might explain the subsequent need for changes to the By-Laws!)
  • October 8, 2013 – Golf Club By-Laws were submitted to the BOD along with a request to “officially recognize the Birch Bay Village Golf Club as a duly constituted club and eligible to enjoy all the rights and privileges extended to such organizations by the Birch Bay Village Community Club.” 
  • October 17, 2013 – BOD officially recognizes the BBV Golf Club! 

Inclusivity Leads to Auspicious Start for the Club

An invitation to join the new BBV Golf Club went out to the entire Village community. Golfers, non-golfers, spouses, and their friends were all invited to become Charter Members of the Club. And, boy, did people respond! 

On May 9, 2014, 216 individuals became Charter Members at the Club’s 1st Annual Spring Meeting, taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. By completing applications and paying the (then) $5.00 membership fee, Charter Members received special acknowledgement, both at the meeting and in the Club Membership Roster, received a special name-engraved, bronze golf bag tag, and a copy of the first-ever Club Roster.

…And the Beat Goes On!

The BBV Golf Club can take immense pride in its brief history. From the very start, the Club has contributed to a wide range of accomplishments – physical amenity enhancements, course play and landscape improvements, League and tournament play, player and homeowner safety-related projects, the Junior Golf program, and more. 

Membership has settled since the heady high of 2014, but the Club continues to be financially healthy, super active, and is evolving structurally and operationally to meet current legal and member needs. All this has been possible due to a steady succession of dedicated member volunteers devoting time and energy to make golf in the Village both fun and challenging. 

The Annual Fund Raiser continues to be a vital component of the Club. Not only is the Fund Raiser a fun and much anticipated event, the money it raises supports a growing Junior Golf program and has paid for many improvements and investments in the golf course and its amenities over the years. Collectively, these improvements have brought much added enjoyment and monetary value to golfers, non-golfers, and Village property owners alike. In addition, volunteer work parties have completed several special projects and helped our dedicated Village golf staff when and where needed.

How Will the Club Look in the Years Ahead?

It is all about volunteers. With volunteers, the Club will succeed. Without them…well, probably not. A limited pool of volunteers will eventually get “tired” and, when they step aside, they expect others to take their place. The Club will always need new and more volunteers. 

So, please, do not sit by thinking, “I have enough on my plate. Someone else can/will do it.” It just might not happen. We all lead busy lives, but if golf in the Village is to be a meaningful part of that life, your innovative ideas, fresh enthusiasm, and different skills are needed to keep the Club growing, going, and adding to everyone’s enjoyment of golf at Birch Bay Village. 

Thank you, in advance, for being one of our next volunteers!