Scramble League

Open to BBV residents and guests, new golfers, those taking lessons, or golfers without a GHIN handicap who want to play in a scramble format. 

Join the Golf Club and select the Scramble League on the BBV Golf Club Application, there is no cost to join the Scramble League. Member applications are at the Rec Center or the BBV Golf Club website.

Normally an invitation will be emailed to League members on Thursday for the following Monday. You can respond with Playing or Not Playing. Those who select Playing will be placed on the tee sheet which will be sent out to players prior to the day of play.

Schedule and Fees

  • Plays on MONDAYS
    • TEE TIMES: 
      • May-Sep       4:00pm, CHECK-IN at 3:30pm
    • FEES:
      • League members should be Golf Club members
      • No League Fee or Entry Fee is required
      • You must pay for your round if you do not have an annual pass or prepaid card.

Scramble Format

A golf scramble is a format for a golf tournament. Two or more players play as a team, with the rules emphasizing fun without the pressure of players keeping individual scores. Each player hits a tee shot on each hole, and then everyone plays from the spot of the best shot, as selected by the team.

Rules for playing in a scramble are informal, with tournament organizers modifying basic rules as they wish.

For example, organizers may require a group to select each player’s tee shot at least twice. The scramble format is not covered under the official Rules of Golf.

  • Step 1 – In a scramble tournament, players can tee off with the golf club of their choosing — not necessarily a driver.
  • Step 2 – Choose the best tee shot through a consensus of your scramble team. The group can decide the best tee shot based on any criteria they choose. Usually, the best shot is the longest drive that lands in the fairway. Or your team may choose a long tee shot that landed off the fairway in the rough if you have a decent lie.
  • Step 3 – Mark the spot of the best tee shot with a golf tee or ball marker. Other players pick up their balls and hit from within one club length of the marked spot.
  • Step 4 – Continue selecting the best shot until one player hits the ball in the hole. The team score is total of the best shots.