Women’s League

The Women’s League is open to Birch Bay Village Golf Club Members and their guests. Participants play with other members of varying experience and skill level. A Handicap Index is recommended. Normally an invitation to join a Wednesday round will be emailed to League members 4-5 days ahead of time. Just reply whether you are playing or not. We will get you in a group and out playing. Each player must pay the appropriate Green Fee for their round at check-in.



  • Women play from red/red or red/white tee boxes.
  • Once the tee box has been chosen it must stay as the designated tee box for the season.

Schedule and Fees

  • Plays on WEDNESDAYS during the prime season (May 1 – Sep 30)
    • May-Sep 10:00am, CHECK-IN at 9:30am
    • This may move to an earlier time slot once the season gets underway.
    • The annual League fee is $10 which will be utilized to award prizes periodically.
    • You can request and pay for a GHIN using the Golf Club Application Form process.  The cost this year is $39.00.

Scoring and Handicap

  • Each player’s Handicap Index (updated that day) is converted to a course handicap.
  • A variety of games are played each week with most scores being post-able.
  • Your score will be posted unless you ask us not to.

Frequently Played Round Formats

(Game Formats will be determined by the league once the league is underway)

Options Might be:

  • Team: Best 2 of 3 team players’ scores vs. other teams
  • Team: Best 3 of 4 team players’ scores vs. other teams
  • Individual Low Net: Lowest score using individual course handicap